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The ridicule many have for the venue is epitomized by Chargers Hall of Famer and current CBS game analyst Dan Fouts. It is embarrassing, I think, for both the Chargers and the National Football League, to be playing in a 27,000-seat stadium, Fouts told a Los Angeles radio station last month, after he had broadcast the team’s two preseason home games.

However, if you talked to CBS NFL studio analyst Amy Trask, you know about the petite stadium idea she’s advanced since her days as Raiders CEO �� and heard that downsizing stadiums instead of expanding them makes fiscal sense for teams and municipalities, and a better, almost arena-like experience for spectators. With the level of stadium roulette and escalating taxpayer costs taking place in several cities, Trask sees this as an idea the whole league could adopt.

I’m not sure if I want to use the word ‘rumor’ �� there is sort of a general sense that you hear from people around the league, if you talk to people who cover the sport of football right now, that there is an ever-widening gap between Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. That his unhappiness and, perhaps, some familial unhappiness stems back beyond this. That maybe he felt he played when he wasn’t 100 percent healthy.

And there’s some talk that �� even that there’s some talk with that enormous contract and his enormous talent that we could be seeing right before our eyes the end of the Andrew Luck era in Indianapolis.

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