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Boston TV station uses Aaron Hernandez photo in tweet about Patriots’ win

To tweet about an important sports event as quickly as possible, sometimes it helps to have certain aspects of it, such as the wording and a photo, assembled ahead of time. However, one Boston TV station is likely wishing it had waited to get a live photo from Sunday’s AFC championship game rather than using one from a previous game between the Jaguars and Patriots.

Shortly after New England defeated Jacksonville, 24-20, WCVB alerted its Twitter followers to the game’s result. Unfortunately, the photo used by the station featured a particularly notorious �� not to mention deceased �� former member of the team: Aaron Hernandez.

A news service that provides WCVB some digital content accidentally posted a picture of Aaron Hernandez in connection with the Patriots’ AFC championship win on our social media accounts, a WCVB spokesperson told The Washington Post via email. It’s truly embarrassing and unacceptable. We apologize and are working with that team to correct this error so something like this never happens again.

We are deeply concerned by reports that the Oakland Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis, came to an agreement with Jon Gruden about him becoming the Raiders’ next head coach before interviewing any candidates of color, Cyrus Mehri and N. Jeremi Duru, attorneys for the group, said in a written statement to media organizations. If so, the Club violated the Rooney Rule, which was instituted by the NFL in 2003 and requires teams to interview at least one candidate of color for open head coaching and general manager positions.

As soon as we learned of the reports, we formally requested that the NFL thoroughly investigate the matter to conclusively determine whether the Rooney Rule was violated �� and if it was violated, to impose an appropriate punishment.

The NFL did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Both the league and the Fritz Pollard Alliance previously had said the Raiders were in compliance with the minority interviewing rule, which is named for late Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney.

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