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John Wall could use less conversation, more appreciation for Wizards’ success without him

Instead, Wall got mad. Worst of all, this wouldn’t even be the first time this has happened. He complained about his years without a signature shoe deal were attributed to not getting the money he thought he deserved.

All of these teams know very well that these lineups don’t work. Half of these late-season injuries wouldn’t keep guys out of games that mattered.

Something I’ve always wondered: Teams defend late-season tankery by screaming player development, but how much functional development comes from shoving young guys into uncomfortable roles amid lineups that don’t make sense? How much value is there in letting Josh Jackson fling up floater after floater (even if he’s making a lot lately)?

There is some value letting guys stretch their skill sets. Might there also be a cost? I don’t know. I do know that anyone paying to watch something like Grizzlies-Suns should get League Pass free next season.

NBA All-Star weekend is an event unlike any other, and this year’s event is sure to be entertaining. Some of the most anticipated events of All-Star weekend actually come the night before the exhibition game when we see players battle it out for supremacy in the Dunk Contest, 3-Point Shootout and Skills Challenge.

These contests all take place Saturday, Feb. 17, at the Staples Center in L.A. The Skills Challenge is the first event, starting at 8 p.m. ET, followed by the 3-Point Shootout and then the Dunk Contest to cap off the night. All three event will be broadcast on TNT and live-streamed via Watch TNT.

The highlight event of the night is always a must-see for NBA fans. And while many long for the year when LeBron James faces off against Russell Westbrook, there are still plenty of exciting faces to keep us glued to our TVs on Saturday night.

The 2018 Dunk Contest features four dunkers who face off in two rounds. After the first round, the judges eliminate two of the four to set up a final dunk-off with the winner decided by the judges.

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