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Saints heaping praise on Taysom Hill at OTAs

Saints backup quarterback Taysom Hill was something of an NFL curiosity last season: An undrafted rookie, he obviously wasn’t going to get any playing time ahead of Drew Brees, but he did get playing time on special teams and even made some tackles covering kicks, which is almost unheard of for a quarterback.

With Beckham and Marshall going down and out in Week 5, Shepard escaped from his slot-receiver duties and was needed more frequently as an outside target. That adds to his versatility. Engram can line up on the line, in the slot or on the outside and create mismatches, as he did in Tuesday’s practice, when he beat linebacker Kareem Martin on a deep pattern for a completion.

Barkley adds an entirely different dimension. The Giants seem more enamored with his pass-catching prowess than his actual ability to run the ball from scrimmage. It will surprise no one if Barkley as a rookie finishes second on the team in receptions to Beckham.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll raised some eyebrows on May 10 when he tweeted a picture of himself with the controversial professor and best-selling author Jordan Peterson, thanking Peterson for speaking to our staff and enlightening us today.

Peterson has been accused of sexism and transphobia, and in Seattle and elsewhere Carroll took some criticism for bringing Peterson to talk to the Seahawks coaching staff. But Carroll said yesterday that while he knows not everyone agrees with Peterson’s views, he was glad to hear what Peterson had to say.

I do know that there’s varying opinions, Carroll said. It happened to be an opportunity — I had heard about Jordan’s work and some of his perspectives. He was speaking here in town and we had an opportunity to get him to come by. He is a very thought-provoking individual. His psychology background, his mentality, his approach is an amazing perspective that he has created and he’s created a following. I just wanted to know what I could share with our people in terms of our personal growth and organizational growth and see if something could come of that with the opportunity that was presented. He did a marvelous job in visiting with us and I know he tore it up downtown and has a great following.

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