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The Vikings could be home the next three weeks, or longer.

The NFC North champions rolled to a 16-0 win over the Packers Saturday at Lambeau Field. The Vikings (12-3) will clinch a first-round bye with one more victory or a loss by the Panthers (10-4) to either the Buccaneers Sunday or the Falcons next week.

Minnesota will close the regular season New Year’s Eve at U.S. Bank Stadium against the visiting Bears and could then have a bye before hosting an NFC divisional playoff game.

The Vikings might make history �� Minnesota could become the first team in NFL history to play in the Super Bowl in their home stadium. The Vikings are just an Eagles loss away from gaining homefield throughout the postseason. While Green Bay’s season was lost once Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone, the Vikings have flourished since losing Week 1 starter Sam Bradford.

Keenum, who was 14 of 25 for 139 yards Saturday, has been impressive all season with 3,358 yards and 21 touchdown passes to just seven interceptions. His first-quarter touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs Saturday was a perfectly placed ball in the back of the end zone.

Ayton’s lack of polish on defense means he’s not a finished product yet. That’s to be expected for a 19-year-old. But of all the top big men in the 2018 NBA draft, he has the best combination of size and skills.

Bamba is superior defensively, but he’s nowhere close to Ayton on offense. Duke’s Marvin Bagley III can put up similar scoring and rebounding numbers at the college level, he’s not nearly as big as Ayton, and is even worse on defense. Michigan State’s Jaren Jackson Jr. can block shots and stretch the floor, but he doesn’t have Ayton’s athleticism.

Victor Oladipo took a hard foul in the Pacers’ 109-96 win over the Bucks, and the camera caught him perfectly through every stage of his recovery.

First there was the initial shake-up of the hit, then an eye-roll as he realized what had happened. And finally, Oladipo stared straight into the souls of NBA fans.

Twitter completely took this meme and ran with it all through the NBA night and through Alabama’s comeback win in the College Football Championship.

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