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The Chargers have put together an impressive run during second half of the season.

Division winners: Steelers (clinched), Patriots (99%), Jaguars (98%) and Chiefs (68%). Jacksonville has an easier finish to the season than Tennessee as the two fight for the AFC South title. These teams face each other in Week 17 and that could ultimately decide the winner.

Wild cards: Titans (83%) and Ravens (71%). The devastating loss to the Steelers in a divisional showdown on Sunday night left the Ravens only fighting for a wild-card spot. They have a relatively easy schedule remaining as they face winless Cleveland and host the Colts and the Bengals. All three of these opponents have combined for only one more wins than the Ravens this season.

Just outside: Chargers (49%) and Bills (20%). They control their destiny and need to beat the Chiefs at Arrowhead this weekend. Easier said than done. There are many AFC teams within a win of the postseason. Combine that with teams that tend to quit on losing seasons at this stage, and it will make the last three weeks of regular season very interesting.

The job of general manager is tough. It’s easy to understand why Boston traded for Irving on paper, and why it makes sense logistically to upgrade to a similar player who is taller and younger. There have also been concerns lobbied about how long Thomas can remain at his high level, and whether his hip problems might even be genetic. We still aren’t sure if Thomas will return to his previous level even if he’s back on the court.

All that said, Thomas-for-Irving is a move that Ainge felt he had to make, and that unfortunately is a heartbreaking decision on an emotional level. We talk a lot about the concept of loyalty in the NBA, and most fans still have some expectations of that from their best players. But we’re learning again and again that loyalty is viewed as a one-sided street, and that front offices don’t value that in the big picture.

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